Shakespeare and Hollywood: Answers

Posted by on May 03, 2010

Here are the answers to the questions in my previous post:

a musical 1: Westside Story, based on the play Romeo and Juliet
musical 2: Kiss Me Kate, based on the play The Taming of the Shrew

b Shakespeare in Love

c bloody, e.g. Duncan 1.2.1: What bloody man is that? / Macbeth 2.1: This bloody business

d salad days – Cleopatra:
My salad days
When I was green in judgment: cold in blood
To say as I said then!

I have stretched the meaning here by applying the phrase to an era – a perhaps over-extended play on the idea of the ‘birth of cinema’. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been tempted by the alliteration (salad/silent) …

e A play on the famous quote from Hamlet’s soliloquy (2.2):
The play’s the thing
Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.

I’ve prepared a short fact sheet on Shakespeare and the English language. You can find it and other language related materials here.

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