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  • Liz: This is a fascinating story, and a happy one. I wonder whether he said ‘Persian’ for practical reasons, having encountered such confusion before, or whether he knew that you would have these magical associations and was already fancying his chances….

  • I patronize a restaurant locally that bills itself as Middle Eastern which YOU no doubt understand covers a multitude of locales and cultures and political classifications. The first time I ate there I fell in love with the kubideh and mentioned to our server—I’d already asked: Iranian—how different it was from another restaurant I loved, whose chef was Palestinian. “If I want to buy a cookbook,” I asked, “what should I look for?” He smiled. His answer: “Persian.” Enjoyed your post!

  • A true story always beats a tale, and there is always more to words than meets the eye.

    I remember a line from Antoine de Saint Exupéry´s “The Little Prince” when talking with the fox: “What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, ” is that somewhere it hides a well.”

    People, too, like words, do not come in full view at first sight.

    thanks for sharing your story with us.