Teaching tips for green English

Posted by on June 07, 2011

Teaching tips for green English: introduction

Green English month started earlier this week. Throughout the month of June, in addition to our regular blog posts, we will also bring you a new series of tips giving you ideas about how green English can be used in your language classroom.

The series will include worksheets & teacher’s notes, animations, and information about subject-specific vocabulary relating to science in general and the environment in particular.

Tip 1: renewable energy (worksheet)
Tip 2: the greenhouse effect (animation)
Tip 3: the language of science (vocabulary)
Tip 4: greenwashing (dictation)
Tip 5: the vocabulary of geography (exercises)

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  • I hope it’ll help me to teach my students. I’m not perfect in English, nut your lessons help me to do the right things.
    Thank you.

    Posted by Hilde Cools on 15th June, 2011
  • […] In many contries June is considered a month to celebrate the Environment, as on 5th June the United Nations Environment Program celebrates World Enviroment Day. Thinking about that MacMillan has organized a series of articles about green English. You can acess the information on: http://www.macmillandictionaryblog.com/teaching-tips-for-green-english […]

    Posted by Green English « Inglês Aviação on 19th July, 2011
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