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I have just become part of the Ministry of Stories. This is a new initiative to encourage and promote the art of storytelling and provide a hub for old stories to be shared and new ones created. Literacy levels in the UK are falling and the MoS has been launched to reverse this worrying trend. As far as EFL goes, there’s lots of evidence that stories can be a powerful tool in foreign language learning for students of any age. Indeed, Sharon Creese has written quite a few inspiring blogs about literature as a teaching aid and the joy of reading in general. Which English stories do you most treasure? Do you read English literature in English, or in translation? What vocabulary, grammar and metaphor have you picked up from reading English stories and how have they contributed to the understanding of English language and culture? Check out the Ministry’s Facebook page to see which stories are being discussed, it might point you towards some new and fascinating stories to support your learning.

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