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The fruits of technological innovation

I’ve decided to coin a new word – techfruit – to describe all the technological hardware and software that is named after a fruit. Of course, there is, Apple, Orange and Blackberry but just a few minutes surfing the net has brought up all sorts of software with fruity handles. For instance, there is web developer software called Grape, a knowledge sharing system called Kiwi and some IT firmware called Tomato. I’ve been wondering about this whole fruit/technology hoo-ha that’s going on and I think that fruits make such popular names because of the associations we make with them. When I think of a fruit I think of something that is simple, nourishing, fresh and these are all things that technology designers and marketers would like us to believe about their products. So, have a bash at googling your favourite fruit and you’ll probably find yourself learning about the latest technology out there!

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Beth Penfold


  • Another aspect of fruits which all these names conjure up is colour. Red, orange and green are all vibrant colours which imply something dynamic – the message technology companies would want to send out about their products. You never know – techfruit may well be here to stay!

  • I’ve only just noticed this blog post, but you make an excellent point – and it was the reasoning for me calling my technology blog TechFruit – just thought you’d like to know!

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