Love English Macmillan Dictionary Awards 2012

The Macmillan Dictionary Love English Awards – update 5

With just under two weeks to go before voting closes, the votes are coming in thick and fast. We’ll be announcing the winners and runners-up for the second Love English Awards on January 22nd.

All the blogs and websites have been nominated by members of the public for being informative, insightful, and engaging sites or blogs about the English language. There’s plenty to choose from, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, it’s worth looking at all the nominated sites and blogs. There’s something for everyone in a wide-ranging and high-quality field.

So to the numbers: 31 websites and 36 blogs have been nominated, and so far a total of 3600 votes have been cast. At the last update TESOL Greece Blog was  in first place, closely followed by last year’s winner Luke’s ENGLISH Blog in second, and Close Your Books in third place. Today Worldwide School Blog is in the lead (317 votes) with TESOL Greece Blog in second place (221 votes) and Luke’s ENGLISH Blog in 3rd place with 136 votes.

In the Best Website category: at the last update PhraseMix was in the lead and ExamSpeak and Lingle following closely behind. Today, the picture is completely different with ESLprintables out in front on 1,055 votes, World Wide Words following with 767 votes and The Phrase Finder in third place with 660 votes.

Please note that voting ends on January 21st (midnight GMT), so vote for your choice for Best Blog and Best Website now!

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