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The ultimate fan?

This post on the Guardian books blog caught my interest last week. It’s all about people being such fans of particular books that they get designs or extracts of text from it tattooed onto their bodies. I can’t say I fancy the idea myself – just because I like a particular book now doesn’t mean I always will, and in time, any tattoo becomes little more than faded ink on ageing skin.

It did remind me of an interesting film though, Memento, in which the main character is trying to solve his wife’s murder. Since he has short-term memory loss, he has to tattoo clues all over his body, and each time his memory ‘resets’, he gets a little bit closer to the truth.

I guess it’s a fairly foolproof way of making sure you don’t forget something, but if you need to tattoo a book name on your arm to remind you of it, you probably didn’t like it that much anyway.

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