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Where do you all come from?

Just for a change, I thought that instead of reporting on what words people have been looking up, I’d see where visitors to the site are coming from. August is usually a quiet time of year, with educational holidays in many countries across the globe, but traffic is still buoyant, and the visitor data show what a truly international following we have.

The top embarkation point over the last month is London, but not by very much. Hot on its heels is Seoul, in a reversal of the same period last year when the Korean capital provided more visitors than London.

Next come Singapore and Manila. In fifth place is the Big Apple itself, New York City, and then comes Bangalore, the first representative of a Bric country. Sydney and São Paolo come next, and the top ten is completed by New Delhi and… Well, over to you. Use the comments to suggest which city you think is tenth in the list of visitors to and a modest prize might be winging its way to one lucky winner by the weekend.

Good luck!

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