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an important international tennis competition that is played every year in Wimbledon, in south London

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Origin and usage

The name of the place we now call Wimbledon has changed many times over the centuries, only settling in its current form in the 19th century. The -don part means ‘hill’.


While there are other sporting events around the world that are known by the name of their location, none is as instantly recognizable as Wimbledon. The world’s premier tennis tournament has become so synonymous with the London suburb from which it takes its name that one of the first things to pop up if you enter Wimbledon in a browser’s search box is ‘Wimbledon Cancelled’. The tournament’s official title is The Championships, Wimbledon; it is also known as The All England Lawn Tennis Championships, and the venue’s full name is the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. For all usual purposes, however, Wimbledon suffices. Disconsolate fans can cheer themselves up by watching matches from past competitions while hoping that all returns to normal in south west London next year. Meanwhile if you want to brush up on your tennis terminology you can do so by entering the word ‘tennis’ in the blog search box here.


Everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at Wimbledon, how tough it is, but the people watching make it so much easier to play.
(Andy Murray)

Every time Wimbledon is on, I am thinking, ‘Yes, I could do the same and get out the racket.’ Sadly, not the same results.
(Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge)

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