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Simples – language and words in the news

Simples is the new BuzzWord this week on Macmillan Online Dictionary.

A brand-new interjection is on the rise: Simples! The term, a brainchild of the adorable meerkat called Aleksandr Orlov, is a catch-all expression meaning ‘easy, straightforward’. This video is a good example of its use.

For more information about the word simples and Aleksandr’s successful marketing campaign, see links below.

TV meerkat launches dictionary campaign

Meerkat Aleksandr ‘releasing Xmas single’

How cravat-wearing meerkat Aleksandr Orlov has become the biggest name in insurance

To help Aleksandr beat Sergei at Scrabble, sign up for his petition on Facebook:
Petition for put ‘Simples’ in Dictionary of English Oxford

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