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Words old and new – enriching my vocabulary for 2011

My New Year’s resolution for 2011 is to improve my English. I find I am using the same tired old words and phrases to communicate; boring, general words, like cool to describe anything positive and weird to describe anything unusual. There is a myriad of wonderful and often amusing words I could be using instead, so I’ve created two lists of words I aim to use more or less in 2011. Here are a few:

Words I want to use more
vapid, twit, fly-by-night, shambolic, scintillating, glorious

Words I want to use less
stressed out, dude, groovy, fabulous, babe

Some of the words I want to use more are rather old, whilst some I am ditching are more modern. I certainly love learning new words but some of these catch-all words may kill off other, less well-known ones and I would hate that to happen. Which words would you like to use more or less this year?

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