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Writing style – the awful truth

Did you pick up on this in a recent Language and words in the news?  Some of the sites have potential teaching uses, others are just plain fun. I put one of my recent blog entries into I write like, and it came up with HP Lovecraft. Having dabbled a bit in the world of weird fiction in the past, I was quite satisfied with that, though I have to say I was less pleased with the I actually write like analysis!

I found the Vocab profilers site pretty un-user-friendly (too multi-coloured, and with little explanation of what it all meant), but I did like the Text Analyser. It picked up on a problem that’s always dogged my writing – pitching the tone too high, in terms of readability. It was a bit of a shock to find that the Lovecraft-esque blog post had a Gunning Fox reading (which indicates the number of years’ education a reader hypothetically needs in order understand it), far higher than I’d intended (even though I knew I’d chosen to analyse one of my more ‘academic’ blogs). It goes to show, though, that your writing level isn’t necessarily what you expect, so this site could be a useful tool, especially for new teachers.

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