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10 most popular blog posts in 2013

© Photodisc / Getty ImagesIt’s an annual tradition here on this blog to take a look back at the archive of the previous year and share with you the 10 most popular blog posts. 2013 was another busy year for Macmillan Dictionary Blog with several series running, from Stories behind Words, through language tips, to word roots and routes. Here are the posts which caught your attention most in the last 12 months:

Our most popular blog posts in 2013

Three hoorays for the royal baby
by Saskia Iseard

The Beatles and their impact on English
by Michael Rundell

Happy 10th birthday, BuzzWord!
by Kerry Maxwell

Stories behind Words: home
by Will Allen

Just who is this post for? The difference between “who” and “whom”
by Michael Rundell

An idiom that has its cake and eats it
by Stan Carey

Language, culture, and the dominance of English
by Michael Rundell

Nominalisation and zombification
by Stan Carey

To whom it deeply concerns
by Stan Carey

The minutiae of Latin plurals
by Stan Carey

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