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  • Wow this was indeed fun and educational. Are baby spiders called spinsters? Actually I went to the web and found ‘spiderling’, dahling. 🙂

  • @Rich – I hope that’s speechless in a good way! Spiders are spiderlings (see penultimate paragraph). I think that’s possibly one of my favourites – it seems so appropriate somehow!

  • Just the sort of thing, that tickles my fancy…………

    IN answer to Posted by Robert N. Hedberg on 13th May, 2010
    Are baby spiders called spinsters?

    Perhaps : LADY SPIDERS are called (should be called) SPINSTERS

    also : I know a JOEY as the young of a kangaroo (and also possum apparently)

  • I find the expression “ahh-inducing” very interesting. “Ahh“ is meant in the sense of “how cute!”, isn’t it? Or is it more like “ahh, how interesting, I didn’t know this”?

  • Thanks for your comment Katrin. I meant it in the sense of ‘ahh, how cute!’, as you suspected, though I can see where the confusion might lie.

    I think if I’d meant the ‘how interesting!’ meaning, I would probably have used ‘aha’ instead of ‘ahh’, or even just ‘ah’. The extra ‘h’ in ‘ahh’ indicates the longer, falling sound of the ‘how cute!’ meaning, while the single ‘h’ in ‘ah’ is less emotional, more rational/intellectual (to my mind, anyway).

    ‘Aha’ tends to be for those instances of realisation, so I might have used it to suggest I’d only just realised how interesting something was.’Aha-inducing’ doesn’t sound quite right though, so I would probably have used the colloquial phrase ‘aha moment’ , and so the sentence would have been more like: “I had one of those ‘aha moments’ watching an animal rescue programme the other day…”