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  • As an American living in England I totally understand where you’re coming from … I’m not a smoker, but if I were, I would NEVER ‘bum a fag’ while in the States – that’s just WRONG!!

  • Completely agree with the tea/dinner sentiments…

    Tea can be:
    a) a warm beverage
    b) a light snack between 4 and 5, accompanied by (a)
    c) The main meal of the day (for those of us from the North of Scotland)

    ‘Dinner’ has always been a formal affair with guests…

  • OH, I has always wondered why Aussies found the thong song so boring.

    It reminds me of an academic conference I attended here in Indonesia where ‘flip flop’ was translated as ‘filp hop’ in the dress code (we’re kinda relaxed over here). I thought it sounded like some kind of bizarre kind of hip hop sub-genre.

  • There is no greater pain than being a hybrid Cumbrian/Aussie 6 year-old and being ostracised by fellow 6 year-olds for talking about my green ‘skivvy’ (polo-neck) and asking if I could borrow a ‘texter’ (felt-tip pen). This pain obviosuly legitimises my current playful abuse of my South African colleague’s seemingly hilarious vocabulary. I know there. I’ve been there.

  • Makes me think…How Facebook came along precisely at the right time. It has become the defacto social network. I bet there is no one single person in the world that doesn’t now about it.

  • I’m learning English as a foreign language and I love it. There’s much things to learn. Thanks for your great article..