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Liz Potter
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We have written previously on this site about the US tradition of party conventions, where the parties choose their candidates for the forthcoming Presidential election and launch the campaign to get them elected. This year’s conventions will look like no previous ones: the Democratic Party’s convention, originally planned for Milwaukee in mid-July, will be a virtual event held over four days this week, with sessions streamed live on the party’s social media channels and broadcast nightly on national news. The event will still nominally be held in Milwaukee, but with only the bare minimum of staff needed to organize it. There will be no cheering crowds with balloons and flags, no bands or banners; in short none of the celebratory  atmosphere traditionally associated with US party conventions. The presumptive candidate, Senator Joe Biden, will address the delegates on Thursday night from a ballroom in his home state of Delaware. Other speakers will also make their speeches remotely, including Biden’s pick for Vice President, Senator Kamala Harris of California, who will speak on Wednesday.

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