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  • As a student participant on this corpus MOOC, I would like to say how much of a thoroughly rewarding experience it has been over the last seven weeks, with one more week remaining. I entered my first week of the course with a very basic working knowledge of what a corpus is, how to analyse one, and what corpus linguistics can bring not only to the field of linguistics, but many other areas of investigation. Barely a month and a half later, following the excellent tutorials, guides and peer/mentor/facilitator within the MOOC, I am now using software such as Antconc and CQP web to analyse corpora of millions of words, in a variety of languages, to look for things such as keywords, collocations, and semantic preferences.

    The MOOC is excellently organised, very well supported, and has a wealth of videos, tutorials, guides, tasks, transcripts, discussion threads and keen participants.

    The one issue I am struggling with is trying to balance my life outside the MOOC with the one inside it! There is so much content in there of interest and relevance to my studies that I get completely absorbed in watching a video seminar or carrying out my own analysis following one of the tutorials. But surely this is one of the better things to have an addiction to.

  • Hi Tony, this is great – I’m impressed that you have made such strides in using corpora with students – and with such large numbers of people involved. The notion of using surprise – challenging students’ intuitions with corpus evidence – as a jumping-off point is a stroke of genius. As Keith points out above, once you start, you’re hooked.

  • Thanks Keith and Gill – it has been a humbling but also thrilling experience to get so *many* people interested in corpus linguistics. It has also been huge fun! We are running the course again in late September and hope to run it every September from then on.

  • Thanks for this Tony, as a lexicographer and having recently written an article explaining the term MOOC for BuzzWord, it’s really fascinating to hear about how phenomenally popular, and rewarding, they can be in practice …

  • I would like to thank Tony McEnery, all moderators and contributors for this wonderful course! I started this course with almost zero knowledge about corpus linguistics and its methods. I am not saying that now I can do profound and deep research but I am definitely in love with this course-) It is well structured, clearly presented, and gives a great variety of info I would never be able to get here in Ukraine. I am sure I will connect my future with corpus linguistics as it is what I really want to investigate. Especially, I am excited how it can be applied to social sciences and discourse analyses. Thank you so much for this wonderful course. Though, feel a little bit sad it is coming to its end this week.-)

  • Well Victoria, we are also sad it is coming to an end – which is why we will be back, running the course again, on 29th September!