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  • On a recent visit to Wales from New Zealand the rhythms of the Welsh accent appealed to me. The rise and fall of the sentences.

    I was delighted to here Paul say ‘Boyo’ when speaking to his grandson. As a Kiwi that was the only word of Welsh that we had heard from New Zealand.

  • Hiya but!

    Strangely enough there is a very popular word in Argentine Spanish for a place where you can lie down snugly and safely like in a small bed. The word is “cucha” and it sounds like cutch plus a final “a” as in the word “about”. Fancy that!

  • Hi Paul, I just came across this blog post whilst researching for my own article. I’m writing about the unique South Wales Valleys dialect, would I be able to email you a few questions or give you a quick call?



  • I’m 14 and nearly fluent in welsh and it is sad to see that not many people speak it in the valleys anymore… 🙁

  • I hadn’t been home to Ynys Mon for many years, and it felt miraculous, that here I was ‘On my way’ ! I had two petty fears, 1/ being foreign, 2/ Welsh was long obsolete. Heading west from Crewe and still no distinct NORTH Wales accent. A Liverpool man, a Newcastle man, an American couple, but the accent my heart ached for… not yet. Got out at Bangor for Holyhead, and there were two railway employess yn siarad yr iaeth ! Oh the relief ! Oh what dread if ever it was ever to be that the Liverpool accent – North Welsh in origin – had taken over. The dreadful loss of poetic spirit, character, and “aliteration”. However, when I was asked in LLangefni ‘What part of Australia’ I came from, I quickly put that to rights.
    And the tribal roof caved in, I WAS HOME. The phones rang wild, and ppl from the area poured in, I never felt so important in my llife. A positive-shock experience, unrivalled. My heart was put to rest.