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  • Stan:
    If abbreviating “the” with a new alphabetic symbol has any validity, I can’t think what it might be; to my mind, this is another example of someone having too much time on his hands. Perhaps he should pay more attention to his restaurant busiress. I’m not anti-change, but to paraphrase Harry Truman, “I’m from Missouri, and you have to show me” why anyone would bother. It reminds me of the eighteenth and nineteenth century’s authors’ habit of sprinkling abbreviations through their novels; the convention adds nothing to the narrative, but it certainly does annoy the reader; if the latter was the authors’ goal, they achieved it admirably.

  • Marc: I think efficiency is the main selling point. In many electronic communication contexts, time and particularly space are at a premium, so something that saves two characters in so common a position is, I think, worth an experiment. But as I describe above, there are existing alternatives that look less exotic and come more naturally, so it remains to be seen whether Ћ’s advantages win enough hearts and minds to be considered a success. Time will tell.

  • Unless this sign becomes readily available on physical or virtual keyboards it won’t catch up. In fact it may be less easily understood than a simple “d”. It saves space on the messagge, yes, but it occupies space on a keyboard as a single use character (unlikely to be used to form other words). And virtual keyboard space on mobile devices, tablets and so is crucial. Also, by the time I fetch this sign on the special characters option I might as well type the entire “the” or use a simple “d” or eliminate it altogether.

  • Rogerio: I think the designer is working to increase the sign’s availability, especially on virtual keyboards in handheld digital devices. But as you say, its limitation as a single-use character is a serious disadvantage when compared to alternatives such as the letter d.