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Sport wordlists for the Sounds appSay you’re watching a football match with your friends or you’re thinking of joining a sports club – and the chosen language to communicate in is English. But what if you don’t know all the sports lingo that will be used when watching or playing a game?

Macmillan Dictionary has made a selection of commonly used sport & games words especially for the award-winning Sounds app. This app allows you to improve your pronunciation skills, while the added definitions help with understanding meaning and improving your vocabulary.

In the app you can practice English sounds using an interactive phonemic chart and there are a variety of listening, writing and reading activities too. There is also a new wordlist on the topic of food & drink, perfect for when you’re staging a dinner party for your international friends. Or try the life skills list, together with our other life skills puzzles, videos and lesson plans.

You can read more about these wordlists and download the app here.

For more sport-related words and inspiration, check out our Sporting English page.

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