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Origin of the word

The word fiancée comes from the French language. It is the feminine form of the word ‘fiancé’ which comes from the French verb ‘fiancer’ meaning ‘to betroth’. From 1450-1600, the English verb ‘fiance’ was used to mean ‘to engage to be married’. The word fiancée first came into popular use in English around 1853.


Fiancée is a noun that refers to the woman someone is going to marry. A man someone is engaged to is a ‘fiancé’. An antiquated word with the same meaning is ‘betrothed’. The word fiancée is French, but it has roots in the Latin word for ‘a promise, trust’.

Royal watchers were abuzz this week with the news of Prince Harry’s engagement to American actor and activist Meghan Markle. The couple made their first public appearance on 1 December in Nottingham, as hundreds lined the streets to greet the happy couple.

The prince and his fiancée travelled to the East Midlands as part of a planned tour of the nation. Officials say the couple plans to spend much of the next six months touring Britain in an effort to give Ms Markle the opportunity to become more familiar with the country she’ll soon call home.

After receiving a warm welcome from dignitaries in Nottingham, the prince and his fiancée paid a visit to a local youth project and attended the Terrace Higgins Trust World AIDS Day charity fair. A well-known champion of AIDS-related causes like his mother, Princess Diana, the prince was reportedly eager to show his bride-to-be a community that holds special meaning for him.

The trip marks the third time Prince Harry has visited Nottingham in the past year, and the first visit to the city for his fiancée. The prince first met with young people in the city in 2013 and has spent a significant amount of time there both officially and privately since then.
The latest royal fiancée appeared happy and comfortable as she confidently greeted well-wishers who had come out to brave the frigid temperatures, hoping to catch a glimpse of the newly-minted couple.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed at Windsor Castle in May 2018.


1. your fiancée is the woman you are engaged to and are going to get married to
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