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For the twelfth word of Christmas
my true love gave to me …

Twelve tweets a-tweeting
Eleven dumbphones ringing
Ten memes a-spreading
Nine nonliners surfing
Eight followers following
Seven days of glamping
Six pairs of jeggings
An oilpocalypse
Four spot-fixing scandals
Three election worms
Two pineberries
And an earsplitting vuvuzela

No romp through the word formation highlights of 2010 could be complete without at least some reference to the tweet, that 140-character-or-less snippet of text which has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s the rescue of 33 Chilean miners or Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, it seems that there aren’t many things that happen these days which, at some time, by someone, aren’t worthy of a tweet or two.

Follow this link to read the full Twelve words of Christmas BuzzWord article.

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