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  • I have a ‘text name’ which I think is pretty great: Lagod. I think predictive text is oracle-like.

  • There are definitely some words that you auto-translate, but others can take real work to decipher. When my brother invited me round for “suicide” I was more than a little worried… (Quiche, in case you were stumped too!)

  • I can’t use predictive texting on my mobile phone because I tend to send messages in three – quite different – languages and it’s just too tedious to use the built-in dictionary. But I touch type and I know what happens when you move your fingers one key up. My code name is Lato (for those of you who don’t touch type = right hand one set of keys to the right).

  • I have to type one-handed, and whilst I’ve got pretty good at it. I do have a tendancy to mistype the ‘r’ in my name. I won’t post it here, but let’s just say that ‘Sharon’ becomes something very different if you swap the ‘r’ for one of the letters next to it…

  • My sister gets so many texts addressed to ‘drugs’ that she now actually signs herself as drugs! (Only on texts of course).

    Her real name is Esther – but thats not usually in the in-built dictionary.