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  • The BIXI’s sound great 0-wish they had that in Ontario! Canada’s size is incredible but it’s just more to love! Great article!

  • Good one Shauna eh….love our Canadian winters…skating on the lakes and ponds and winterfest in Ottawa with the ice sculptures and skating on the 7km long canal are winter favourites in our area.

  • I now see Canada in a whole different light…..still not fond of the snow though! Give me Aussie sunshine any day…love the post Shauna. You are brilliant.

  • If Canada wants to “go green” it will have to get on the ball with more public transportation to the outlying town and cities. Perhaps the train would be a viable alternative. The investment in the existing railway system would certainly benefit the public and the environment for those who live outside the Metro areas. I grew up in a town of 6,000 and they have not had railway transportation available in decades. The nearest station is 6 miles away and CN recently stopped service to that station. Now the nearest stop is 45 miles away. It’s pretty hard to bicycle 45 miles to the nearest train depot! If you don’t own a car, you don’t travel from Sea to Sea–period! No wonder we are so far behind the rest of the world in “going green”.