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Fry’s English Delight

BBC Radio 4 has started a new series on the English language, titled Fry’s English Delight. In the first programme, which you can listen to below, Fry looks at how ‘wrong English’ can become ‘right English’. Or, in his words (cue Star Trek theme music), ‘to boldly go into the outer reaches of the language badlands’. Author Jeremy Butterfield joins Fry in this program which will be available online for a few more days.

For more Stephen Fry, browse his website. I can recommend following him on Twitter and listening to his podcasts.

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  • I agree: warmly recommended. Stephen Fry is effortlessly erudite, but also invariably sensible. And nice to see that Jeremy Butterfield agrees with my blog of June 29th on split infinitives – the “rule” against which he describes as “a ridiculous superstition”.

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