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Language and words in the news – 12th February, 2016

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Language change and slang

How Gender Neutral Is Guys, Really?
Male terms can and do broaden to become generics, but female terms tend not to: Men would not tolerate it.

Global English

might of, would of, could of, should of
Remember, kids: Not liking something is not enough to make it an Americanism.

Language teaching and resources

Valentine’s day ad
Here’s an idea for a Valentine’s-themed lesson that subverts the romantic clichés.

Words, books, dictionaries and language

Make ready for National Grammar Day
Going online to trumpet that you have spotted someone’s typo is rather like the contestants in Monty Python’s Upper-Class Twit of the Year competition firing shotguns at rabbits that have been staked out.

Happy Valentine’s from Geoffrey Chaucer
Myths about Chaucer’s responsibility for all the hearts and flowers stuff comprehensively busted.

Better than a dog anyhow
The supremely unromantic Darwin ponders the pros and cons of marriage. The pros, including ‘a nice soft wife on a sofa with good fire, & books & music perhaps’ won.

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