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Language and words in the news – 19th August, 2016

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Global English

Word of the week: Goldwater rule
Goldwater Rule: An informal ethical code that prohibits psychiatrists from offering opinions about the mental state of someone they haven’t personally evaluated.

Language change and slang

Would that it were so simple
The Economist’s Johnson column investigates the strange tale of the subjunctive in English.

Improve your English

Use ‘said’ and ‘wrote’, the editor highlighted
‘If you’re going to thesaurify said, you’ll need a damn good reason,’ exclaimed Stan Carey.

Words, books, and language

Love in Translation
“You’ve really improved,” his roommate told him, six weeks into the term. “When you got here, you couldn’t speak a word.” At that point, Olivier had been studying English for more than a decade.

“Love in Translation” (with footnotes)
Ben Zimmer delves into the linguistic scholarship behind Lauren Collins’s New Yorker article.


Olympic disciplines
Anyone whose home has recently been invaded by the five linked circles will get this cartoon.

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