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Language and words in the news – 20th January, 2017

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Global English

On dogs catching vehicles
Quote of the Year was a sentence uttered by Matt Mackowiak, identified as a “GOP strategist,” on November 10: “Donald Trump is the dog that caught the car.”

Language change and slang

Boris Johnson has been bemoaning the collective whinge-o-rama going on among European politicians.

Language teaching and resources

English Language Teaching: Art and Rationality
Providing that both the teachers and their students thought that good progress was being made, teachers could do what they liked.

Words, books, dictionaries and language

A Taxonomy of Trump Tweets
Cognitive linguist George Lakoff believes that the press must understand how Trump uses language if we’re to responsibly report on his tweets, not just magnify their misinformation.

As the E.U.’s Language Roster Swells, So Does the Burden
When what is now the European Union first took root in the 1950s, it included just six nations, and in three of them many people spoke French.

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