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Language and words in the news – 24th July, 2015

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Language change and slang

The stereotypical Scottish ‘R’ is disappearing, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing
In words like “car,” “cart,” and “first,” speakers are no longer using the typical “rhotic r” but pronouncing the word more like a British or Anglican English speaker.

I’ve only got one word for you portmanteau addicts
From Brangelina to Brexit, the ugly mating of elegant words has gone too far.

Books, dictionaries, words and language

How to have a conversation about language differences without being a prescriptivist
Linguistic variation is incredibly interesting, and it’s okay to want to talk about it – we just don’t have a lot of experience talking about language differences with a spirit of open curiosity rather than insisting that someone else is wrong.

This mysterious poem is cheering up London
At first glance, an anonymous poem that’s currently doing the rounds on social media appears to be fairly downbeat.

10 lyrical charts inspired by Morrissey
Someone has taken the words of the famously miserable singer-songwriter and turned them into flowcharts and the like.


Nobody Knows What Old Newspapers Were Going On About
I know we talk a lot about the sad state of Internet media a lot, but can we talk about the ridiculousness of old newspaper headlines?

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