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Language and words in the news – 5th August, 2016

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Language change and slang

Who cares
Even Messrs. Garner and Walsh concede that could care less is firmly established as a colloquial American English idiom.

Language teaching and resources

Ten innovations that have changed English language teaching
English language teaching is evolving all the time, particularly alongside advances in technology. But what changes have had the biggest impact on teachers in recent years?

Words, dictionaries, technology and language

Mel Gibson and Sean Penn to play creators of Oxford English Dictionary
Jaws hit the floor this week at the news that Mel Gibson will play the bearded, erudite creator of the Oxford English Dictionary, James Murray, in a new film based on Simon Winchester’s bestseller The Surgeon of Crowthorne: A Tale of Murder, Madness and the Love of Words.

First major database of non-native English
They hope that their dataset could lead to applications that would improve computers’ handling of spoken or written language of non-native English speakers.

The ‘precarious grasp of English’ is quite deliberate and quite funny.


Brexit means Brexit
This cartoon by Paul Wood has fun with Prime Minister Theresa May’s declaration that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. HT Jane Bradbury for the link, and for pointing out that it is a good example of a circular definition.

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