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Language tip of the week: feeling extremely frightened

Learn English with Macmillan DictionaryIn this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners. In this series of language tips to accompany the Real Vocabulary theme we look at how you can expand your vocabulary in English by using different words and expressions instead of core vocabulary items.

This set of language tips will explore the words and phrases we use to talk about feelings. This week’s tip looks at some adjectives and phrases that mean feeling extremely frightened:

terrified extremely frightened:
Terrified residents ran from their homes when the quake struck. ♦ Penny is absolutely terrified of spiders. ♦ He was terrified that someone would find out.
petrified extremely frightened, especially so that you cannot move or decide what to do:
The first time I went on stage, I was absolutely petrified. ♦ He was petrified of what would happen if his parents found out.
panic-stricken so frightened that you cannot think clearly or calmly:
The roads were filled with panic-stricken refugees.
in terror or in panic in a state of extreme fear:
The islanders fled in terror as the volcano erupted. ♦ People are fleeing the area in panic.

Did you know that Macmillan Dictionary includes a full thesaurus? This page lists more ways to say ‘feeling frightened‘.

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