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Language tip of the week: saying something again

Learn English with Macmillan DictionaryIn this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners. In this series of language tips to accompany the Real Vocabulary theme we look at how you can expand your vocabulary in English by using different words and expressions instead of core vocabulary items.

This week’s tip looks at more words and phrases you can use instead of say to talk about saying something again.

repeat to say something again:
Can you repeat what you just said? ♦ He repeated that he was not interested in buying a new car. ♦ Please don’t make me repeat myself.
reiterate to repeat something in order to emphasize it or make it very clear to people: a formal word that is used in written English and formal spoken contexts:
I would just reiterate that the entire international community is united on this. ♦ The minister reiterated his opposition to the plan.
run through again; go over again to explain something again in order to help someone understand it or remember it:
Before leaving he ran through the safety instructions again. ♦ Could you just go over the words one more time with me?
confirm to say something again, especially officially or publicly:
We can confirm that a British man has been reported missing. ♦ The writer confirmed he was taking a 12-month break.

Did you know that Macmillan Dictionary includes a full thesaurus? This page lists more synonyms for the verb ‘say‘.

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