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Language tip of the week: trip

Learn English with Macmillan DictionaryIn this weekly post, we bring more useful content from the Macmillan Dictionary to English language learners. These tips are usually based on areas of English which learners find difficult, e.g. spelling, grammar, collocation, synonyms, etc.

This week’s language tip helps with alternatives for the noun trip:

journey a trip from one place to another, often one that is long or difficult: Did you have a tiring journey?
travels a series of trips made over a period of time, especially to a place that is far away: essays based on his travels in South America
tour a trip to several different places to see things of interest: a two-week tour of Italy
expedition a trip to a very distant place for a long period of time, often with a specific aim such as scientific research: the first expedition to try to reach the South Pole
outing a short trip made by a group of people, usually lasting less than a day: a school outing to the science museum
excursion an organized trip for a group of people: The company organized excursions to local places of interest.

Some words suggest specific methods of transport:

voyage a long trip, either by sea or in space: a voyage across the Atlantic
flight a trip that involves travelling by plane: How long is the flight to New York?
drive a trip that involves travelling by car: My drive to work only takes 20 minutes.
crossing a trip from one piece of land to another, across water: an overnight ferry crossing
ride a short trip in a car or bus, or on a bicycle or motorbike: Come on, I’ll give you a ride to school.

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