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Macmillan Dictionary & social mediaIf you’re an English language student or teacher then you’ll get a lot out of following our Learn English feed on Facebook and Twitter.

When you’re learning a new language it’s hard to know where to start. We’re sharing a useful tip every day that is focussed around a monthly topic. So far there’s been sports English, holiday English, travel English, family English and culture English this month. Here’s a look at what you can expect each week:

A red word a week – red words form the core vocabulary of the English language. There are around 7500 red words in the Macmillan Dictionary and these are words that are vital to know because they are most commonly used (vital is a three star red word so it really is vital to know!).
An example red word from November’s #cultureEnglish topic: heritage

A black word a week – black words form the rest of the dictionary and are the thousands of other words in English that are less common and therefore fall outside the core vocabulary.
An example black word from November’s #cultureEnglish topic: culture shock

A phrase (or phrasal verb) a week – a phrase is a group of words that are used together in a fixed expression. A phrasal verb combines a verb and an adverb or preposition.
An example phrase from November’s #cultureEnglish topic: pull the plug

A relevant list of synonyms or related words from the thesaurus – the thesaurus is a great place to spend time if you are studying English.
Example thesaurus content from November was a list of synonyms and related words for theories and sets of beliefs.

Bonus content – every week you’ll get some relevant content chosen by the Editor which can include BuzzWord articles, relevant blog posts, collocations, usage notes, language tips and more.
Example bonus share from November’s #cultureEnglish topic: a language tip on talking about films with types of films, places where you see films, people who work on films, etc.

Join us in December for the fun and festive topic of celebrations on Facebook and Twitter!

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