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  • Such a nice contribution! I am a student of the final year of a master programme. In our subject Pragmatics, we have this year, we are given a task to think of a lesson plan how pragmatics could be used in English lessons with lower-secondary students. Thank you for your source of inspiration.

  • It is laudable to be Pragmatic — using all the correct words to express your meaning, but equally important to speak clearly, using precise articulation, so that your listener can hear and understand exactly what you are saying!
    I find most young people do not articulate well nor do actors and broadcasters these days. They also speak too quickly to be understood.
    I believe lessons in “How to speak clearly” should be taught in schools – or are they?

  • A sincere thank you to Macmillan for all of your support including this series. I look forward to using some of your ideas in a series of lessons I’m developing with public transportation workers. Should be helpful.

  • Very nice article! Specially for non-native speakers like me, since what in a culture is correct or acceptable, might be wrong or even offensive in another. I am eager to read the follow-up article.