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Local look-ups

I thought it might be interesting to give this post a more local flavour over the next few weeks, and explore which words are causing grief at a local level.

So let’s kick off with Germany. Thanks to our partnership with the giant bilingual dictionary Leo, a lot of users come through to us for further clarification on specific words – but which ones exactly?

Well, the top five would suggest that we’ve got users seeking much more than a straightforward definition, but pronunciation and spelling advice as well:





Typically tricky words to spell, and not immediately obvious as to their pronunciations. However, these searches are pretty academic in nature, so I’d say our German audience are generally advanced users of English, tertiary-level students – perhaps looking for confirmation on a spelling for a thesis?

That’s my hypothesis anyway, but then I’m no Sherlock.

Let’s see what India throws up next week.

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