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Local look-ups: Russia

Our brief dip into local searches now focuses on Russia – and moves into the realms of idiom, phrasal verbs, and set expressions.

Idioms are always a popular choice with language learners, with students often wanting to draw direct comparisons between the English expressions and phrases in their own language.

The top search term over recent weeks has been the following phrase, often used in a political context:

‘to throw your weight behind sth’

Would this translate exactly into Russian and carry the same meaning? Or indeed – any other language?

What about these ones below? (again, featuring high on the Russian local look-up ladder)

‘to get on like a house on fire’

‘at someone’s whim

‘feel-good factor’

And no top five ‘look-ups’ would be complete without a phrasal verb:

‘allow for’

Whilst these weekly ‘Google Analytics’ updates are providing interesting insights into local searches, we do have to allow for a small percentage of error…




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