Macmillan Dictionary – Love English Awards 2012, Best Website


  • Joanne’s how to spell website is the best spelling learning web. It has helped me a lot to improve my spelling skills in addition to boosting my confidence. Thank you Joanne!!!!!!!

  • l was preparing for my CAE exams last year and found this website. l past the exam with an A, and for the
    writing part this site is perfect. l continue recieving her mails and enjoy them very much.

  • Joanne’s how to spell website helps me improve my spelling. It is, surely, the best website for spelling improvement. I am becoming more confident in writing English. Joanne, please continue the good work, we love you and wish you all the best. Thank you!!!

  • The best thing with Joanne@howtospell is that they just don’t teach you how to spell but also the pronounciation. It helped with my kids english subjects and so is my english grammar.

  • I am really very grateful Joanne for your continuous help as your lessons on spelling are very profitable to me. Many thanks.

  • I think Joanne’s website How to spell is the best way to learn the art of spelling. After leaving school in year 8 I have always struggled with spelling, even the most simple words. I’m now 39 years old and I recently sat an exam for year twelve and passed with a mark of 95% for my spelling. I hope she always has these resources available so others can benefit from her knowledge.

  • The truth is Joanne has a way of passing the knowledge across to her student for easy understanding, take for example the memory tricks.
    Joanne i appreciate you, am proud to be your student. you are simply the best.

  • I really appreciate all the effort and concern for Joanne, which really assisted me a lot in developing my spelling, with a quick simple tricks that is easy to remember and simple to practice.
    I really want to thank you Joanne, as I wish you best of luck.

    God bless
    AbdelRahman Adel

  • I have left teaching after 32 years due to illness and have started to volunteer at my local Neighbour Hood House. I am tutoring an African woman who wants to learn spelling techniques,rules and approaches. Joannes website has given me so many ideas and background. Thanks Joanne

  • Lingle is the absolutely best site to show grammar and vocabulary in real use. The corpus is updated every 30mins with live news from around the world so you can find and generate multiple examples of grammar, or vocabulary or combinations of both used in uptodate news media.

  • I think Lingle’s great. As well as the brilliant concordancer and the authentic material it’ll do all the analysis and generate exercises for you. Wouldn’t be without it!

  • Hi, I am very grateful for Aron’s endeavor to teach others,. he always kindly responds to questions and I am receiving daily lessons from his website. some of them are really useful and some of them put me in the real situation.

  • .One of the best website for learning real native American English. The interface and the material is really simple and straight.

  • In my opinion, is the best website! I think the posts very interesting and always help me to learn more!

  • Since two years I was searching of websites for learning English, and a few months back I found phrase mix. This website is what I was searching for. Now a days I am following each and every lesson of Phrase mic. But I feel regret why I did not find this website prior. I am heartily thankful to Aaron.

  • I know this wonderful site for nearly 3 years and the teachers who dedicate their time making worksheets, powerpoints, exercises on line are relly great for the most. And the webmaster considers this site as his child. The teachers have been sharing their resources and ideas with a great enthousiasm and they are proud to share their joy when their students improve. A great bunch of projects are suggested and a lot of joyful meetings are new sources for a better friendship and collaboration !
    Thanks to all the members and the great webmaster who runs the site !
    The motto could be : “sharing makes you and your students improve every day !”
    Long life to this site !

  • ESLprintables is the best site ever! Not only does it have fantastic worksheets, it’s also filled with amazing people who are always willing to help you! VISIT and you’ll see why you need to vot e for it as the best english website ever!

  • I have voted ESLprintables because, in my opinion, it includes every other site. So many teachers and students are members of this wonderful site and share their resources and information to help the rest of us learn from their generosity and find out what’s moving and worth taking a look at.

    It s also a community full of life, both professional and personal.

  • ESL Printables is by far the best thing that’s happened to me as a teacher. It not only has a rich bank of resources for teachers to use in their classes, it is also a source of advice, tips and friendship.

  • ESLprintables is a rich source of resources, ideas, strategies, but most of all, of friendship and mutual support. I’m a member of many other, some much more mainstream websites, but nothing rivals this one. ESLprintables is second to none, let’s hope this will be recognised here.

  • The Phrasefinder is an indispensable resource in this electronic age of misquoted and misattributed quotes and phrases.

  • Hi, I am very grateful for this website is very helpfull to learn english. I like Ms Joanne’s website

  • ESlprintables is simply the best besides thousands of awesome worksheets there are other rooms where you can improve yourself such as the forum,teachercafe, Online exercises…………

  • I would have loved to nominate my site for this award. Unfortunately, I discovered this page only today. Better luck next time. Any way, my best wishes for all the sites that have been nominated.

  • Eslprintables is the absolute best site I’ve ever known in my career. It’s indispensable resource and am grateful for this website which has a great positive impact on my life.

  • The site ESL Printables ( gives a vast variety of English study resources and its forum is full of native speaker experts who answer your every question. No other comments, it’s just the best site for English lovers (both students and teachers)!

  • I receive “A Phrase a Week” and it’s one of the best things I receive on the net. Lots to learn and lots of fun. Am grateful for the work, and it doesn’t cost me a dime.

  • Eslprintables is the best of the best.It is more than a site for us( we are 743.581 registered users at the moment!)

  • We ADORE World Wide Words. I read Michael Quinion’s columns religiously. His copious and beautifully-written archives are the answer to so many of my searches for the origins of words and accidental phrases. As a history geek, his stories are fascinating; as an enthusiast of the written and spoken English word, he teaches so many lessons simultaneously. Useful and wildly entertaining. I wish I could vote for Michael 1,000 times!