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Certain sections of the media are agog at the forthcoming wedding of the year, that of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister Pippa Middleton to a millionaire banker called James Matthews. Acres of print and millions of pixels have been dedicated to the minutiae of the occasion, with particular attention being focused on who is and who is not invited.

Anyone who has ever had to organize such an event knows how tricky drawing up the guest list can be. After all, the last thing any wedding needs is a clash between exes who can’t stand the sight of each other, or a drunken cousin making himself obnoxious at the reception.

One way of controlling the guest list is to specify who can be an invited guest’s plus one and who can’t. I’m not invited, so I can’t possibly know if it is true that a policy of “no ring no bring” has been applied on this occasion, meaning that only engaged or married partners of invited guests can attend. The fact that such a policy would exclude the glamorous girlfriends of both the bride’s sister’s brother-in-law and the groom’s reality TV star brother has led to much fevered speculation in the press. All will undoubtedly be revealed once the wedding has taken place. Meanwhile it is a welcome distraction from the Groundhog Day election campaign.

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