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Open Dictionary Word of the Month: icy pole

© BANANASTOCKFollowing the integration of the Open Dictionary into Macmillan Dictionary earlier this year, we thought it was time to celebrate again the success of our crowdsourced dictionary. This series of posts will highlight the contribution made by our worldwide band of contributors by picking out some of the most interesting submissions made to the Open Dictionary over the previous month.


Looking at the words submitted to the Open Dictionary in June, one thing immediately catches the eye: our contributors are very interested in food. Out of 101 entries accepted as valid over the course of the month, no fewer than eleven refer to types of food from all over the world, from chipotle (a smoked and dried chilli pepper) to cheela (a savoury pancake made from chickpea flour, vegetables and spices) and from pho (a type of soup from Vietnam made with stock, spices, meat and noodles) to froyo (frozen yogurt).

Delicious as all of these sounded, my favourite was from user Nottingham Midlands and it’s the Australian and New Zealand term for what Brits call an ice lolly and Americans a Popsicle. Welcome to the Open Dictionary icy pole, a very suitable addition for the summer. July so far has yielded even more food words from all corners of the globe. Keep ’em coming!

If there’s a word or expression that you think deserves inclusion in the Open Dictionary you can submit it here. Don’t forget to check first to make sure your word isn’t in our dictionary already.

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