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Open Dictionary word of the month: shelfie

© GoodshootThe word of the month for November will of course have to be shelfie.

If you are here reading this blog then you are probably a fan of words, and whether you’re learning English or are an old pro you’ll probably be aware that Oxford Dictionaries recently announced that selfie was their choice for word of the year.

Selfie was added to the Macmillan Open Dictionary, our crowd-sourced dictionary, back on the 15th of February this year with this definition:

an informal word for ‘self-portrait’, a photo that you take of yourself usually for the purpose of sharing it on a social media website

It was also discussed in a BuzzWord article later in the year.

Now, we’re into words, obviously and so we were excited when one of you added the fabulous shelfie to the Open Dictionary with two distinct meanings.

We’d love to see some shelfies of our dictionary users and fellow logophiles. If you’d like to share your shelfie with the world, please add a twit pic letting us know (@macdictionary) that it’s there. Tag it #shelfieLife. We look forward to passing them on!

The Macmillan Open Dictionary is a crowd-sourced dictionary that relies on you to add words that are not in the dictionary that you believe should be. Got a word to add? Do it here.

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