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Open Dictionary word of the week: bezel

bezel (noun)

the sloping, slightly raised rim that holds the screen in place on an e-reader or mobile phone
Nook’s big touch advantage are the physical page-turn ridges arrayed on either side of the screen bezel – the frame around the touch screen.
(Submitted from United Kingdom)

Originally (though there’s rather a to-do about it here) a bezel refers to a groove or flange designed to hold something with a bevelled edge in place – like a gem or a watch. So it is transferred easily to refer to the rim around a TV, mobile phone and e-reader. It’s good to know that there are words for things that you usually call ‘thingamajig‘. The truth is, though, I’ll probably still call it ‘the thingamajig around my phone’. Some words just never quite make it into common usage. Do you use it? Will you, now that you know what it’s called? Bezel … it’s going to take a concerted effort.

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