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Open Dictionary word of the week: pegacorn

pegacorn (noun)

a creature that is half pegasus (a horse with wings) and half unicorn
Submitted by: Lana from United States

I’m only choosing this word because I am hoping (for my sake, certainly not for yours) that your mind might work in the same way as mine, might follow the same pathways and fire the same neurons and generate for you exactly the image that reading ‘pegacorn‘ generated for me – for just a split second – before reading the definition. Did you, by any chance, receive a vivid mental  image of popcorn popping … in the shape of pegasi? White, fluffy winged pegasi, born of the corn kernel, bursting into the air in a gentle, rainbow-streaked storm; wings spreading, free at last to make for those cloud castles in the sky? Ah, well, that’s a pity – kept me entertained for ages.

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