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Order in the classroom!

I saw this blog post recently (part one can be found here), talking about classroom management strategies, and it set me to wondering – what’s the strangest, yet most successful classroom management technique you’ve ever come up with (or, indeed, seen used)?

I can remember racking my brains for something that would motivate my Colombian English students to actually arrive on time, but sadly to no avail. I know there must be some good ones out there though, so come on, share and share alike…

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  • This won’t help with punctuality, but in one of my classes the teacher would periodically have us stand up and keep talking. It was a bit weird at first but it actually helped in a 3 hour class.

    Then there’s stories about the extreme end of teaching – teachers smashing phones, failing assignments not handed up 15 minutes before the class, and so on. You could just lock the door when the class starts and refuse to admit anyone. They’d probably never be late again. But they might also complain.

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