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To officially forgive someone for committing a crime and free them from prison.

To pardon an individual who has done or said something bad or unpleasant means to forgive them. The leniency towards the wrongdoer often comes as the result of an apology or excuse. In a legal context, a pardon can refer to a governmental decision to forgive the actions of a person convicted of a criminal offence so that the remission of the penalty means it is as if the offence was never committed.

President of the United States Donald Trump is reportedly considering using his executive powers to pardon the actions of some of his family members and official aides who have been implicated in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election campaign. Directed by Robert Mueller, the FBI are presently undertaking a probe into collusion with Russia during the presidential election, which may have involved individuals close to Trump. Senator Mark Warner, a senior Democrat on the US intelligence committee, has said: “The possibility that the president is considering pardons at this early stage in these ongoing investigations is extremely disturbing.”


1. to officially forgive someone for committing a crime and free them from prison

2. to forgive someone for doing or saying something bad or unpleasant
Please pardon the mess in the back room.

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