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Here’s a very seasonal new acronym I heard for the first time the other day – QUACKing, or Quirky Unusual Acts of Christmas Kindness. Apparently, the idea is to commit random acts of kindness in the run-up to the festive season, for no other reason than because you can. So, you might pay the bus fare for the person behind you in the queue, or buy a bar of chocolate and then immediately give it away to a stranger.

It’s a lovely idea, and represents an attitude that we should all strive for, regardless of the time of year. The reality, though, is that in our society we are all in such a hurry, and so caught up in our own lives, that an unexpected act of kindness can be met with surprise, if not suspicion. Not only is that a huge shame, but it means you’ll probably end up feeling slightly deflated at the response you get for your efforts. Don’t be deterred, however; the more we do these things, the more natural they become!

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