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This pages contains a growing list of resources regarding Brazilian English. These are links relating to how Brazilian Portuguese has influenced English or how English is spoken in Brazil.

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Our blog posts on Brazilian English

That’s my English: Brazinglish.
It’s gearing up for Carnaval in Brazil and as the world wishes it was there for the party, what better time to ask the question: What’s your English, Brazil?

It’s Carnaval! Time for a bit of rebolation.
Here in Brazil, I have heard lots of common mistakes Brazilian learners make when speaking English.

Brazinglish: Your stories
In this post, we collect your thoughts and colourful stories about English in Brazil.

Brazinglish borrowings
Other interesting and curious ways in which the English language is used in Brazil.

Brazilian English: Brazinglish, Portenglish or Englishese?
Living in the country for more than 13 years has given me some “expertise” on the impact of English on Brazilian Portuguese.

Brazinglish and misunderstandings galore!
So what happens now is Brazilians keep having to guess what the English signs say, and the English speakers keep having to guess what Brazilians think is English.

Brazilian English resources

Pronunciation problems for Brazilian students of English.

Other links

The land of coffee and carnival

Britain and Brazil had close – though not always friendly – relations throughout the 19th century, after the Portuguese royal family fled to Brazil under British protection.

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