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  • I think successful Business English course books tend to focus on language at sentence rather than discourse level. There are all kinds of good reasons for that, but it means we have traditionally taken a somewhat narrow view of things. Some of the things that are emerging from the ELF corpus research (and other workplace discourse studies) have received scant attention in business English course books. Some examples in ELF terms would be ways in which ELF users accommodate to one another, ways they code switch and the ways they use metaphors and idiom. I would like to see more attention paid to these things in the future as they seem to be pretty important skills.
    So while I find the body of this interesting and sensible, I can’t agree with the conclusion that we’re teaching the right stuff. I don’t want to throw babies out with bath water, but times change. I think it would be foolish to ignore the knowledge we’re gaining from ELF corpus studies and think that means we need to be adding new stuff to the old stuff rather than doing the same old, same old… But it’s also quite possible that I have misunderstood something here.