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Strine month, fair go!

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G’day mates and good on us: we’ve made it to Strine month, fair go!

OK, OK, I know Australians are not comic strip characters who walk around in cork hats and thongs, dodging kangaroos and shouting rounds … I have, in fact, been to Australia once and have been mistaken for an Australian (being South African) at least, like, a million times. Also, I have family in Oz (seriously, who doesn’t, right?), I know all the words to Waltzing Matilda and I laughed louder at The Game than I did at The Office … but in the end what do I know about Australian English? Not much. All I know is, you know it when you hear it, mate.

We’ve got a ripper (did I use that right? Feel free to set me straight) line-up of guest bloggers and we’ll add interesting links to Facebook and Twitter etc. as we go. Please get in touch if you’d like to add your Australian voice to the blog … hooroo!

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Laine Redpath Cole


  • My favourite Aussie expressions are: ‘Drongo’ ‘Dropkick’ and ‘(to) shoot through’ They are so descriptive!

  • I like that advert on the telly here in the UK at the moment where the two Aussie blokes give advice over the telephone. I think they use the word ‘curly’ to describe ‘difficult’ as in ‘That’s a curly one mate’.

  • And who could forget those ads that were on the UK tellie, advertising Australia as a tourist destination… “Where the bloddy hell are ya?!”
    So funny and so typically Aussie – in the use of language and the directness. The Brits didn’t like it, but as an Aussie, I think it’s so funny and irreverant! Once again, shows our differences shown up by a common language.

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