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10 most popular posts in 2010

Similarly to this time last year, we are bringing you a list of those blog posts on the Macmillan Dictionary Blog which have been the most popular in terms of number of readers. Many of them still have ongoing conversations so have a read and join in by commenting!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everybody who has contributed in one (or more) of the many ways: by writing a guest post, by commenting, or by joining us on Twitter or on the What’s your English? Facebook page.

The Macmillan Dictionary team look forward to more of the same in 2011 🙂

Our 10 most popular blog posts in 2010

The trickiest word in American
by Vicki Hollett
If you haven’t found out yet, this is your chance to get to know which word that is.

What’s your favourite English word?
by You All
A fantastic collection of words you love in the English language. Thank you for sharing them with us!

A Brit’s take on American English
by Vicki Hollett
The post takes us beyond words. The comments are also well worth the read.

The 21st Century Flux
by Dizraeli & Laine Redpath-Cole
The opening post to our smashing What’s your English? campaign, plus Dizraeli’s fabulous video.

American English? What’s that?
by Robert Lane Greene
Foath floah and all Johnson blogger Lane Greene defines ‘American English’.

Baby face
by Sharon Creese
You won’t go away without adding at least one new word to your vocabulary!

Tomato? Tomato? It’s all English, isn’t it?
by Dawn Nell
Historian and blogger Dawn Nell discusses Global English.

You say “lovely”, I say “great”
by Michael Rundell
You may still be pondering the use for Twitter. Well, some people have found a good use for the tweets.

Where has grammar been hiding all these years?
by Michael Rundell
Grammar doesn’t often make headline news. It did this year.

A two-horse race or a hung parliament?
by Michael Rundell
Another hot topic around the UK, the rest of Europe and pretty much around the whole world this year: politics and the words it spaws.

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